The Archiver's Spellbook v1 [Preorder]

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Coming soon (Estimated: Feb 2021). Preorder to support the development of this kit!

The Archiver's Spellbook is based off of a simple idea: Let's use the antibiotic resistance marker in normal plasmids as a landing pad to integrate into the Bacillus subtilis genome. This would allow direct transformation of nearly any plasmid into Bacillus subtilis for shipment in spores.

To read more about this method, check out this memo for DNA synthesis I wrote during my time at FreeGenes.

This product would allow you to cast the spell "Integrate!" on any plasmids you might have laying around your lab, allowing them to be distributed using the Sporenet Protocol. 

Version 1 comes with 2 strains:

1. A strain for integrating any Ampicillin-based plasmid into the genome of Bacillus subtilis

2. A strain containing a recover shuttle vector that can be amplified with PCR and transformed into the strain above to recover a shuttle vector between Bacillus subtilis and Escherichia coli