CRISPR engineering in Bacillus subtilis [Preorder]

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Coming soon (Estimated: Feb 2021). Preorder to support the development of this kit!

CRISPR in Spores is a kit based off of the paper "New CRISPR-Cas9 vectors for genetic modifications of Bacillus species". It contains 3 strains:

1. A type strain Bacillus subtilis

2. A Bacillus subtilis strain with a control CRISPR vector which does not target the genome

3. A Bacillus subtilis strain with a CRISPR vector targeting the AmyE region for deletion

This kit will allow you to experiment with a Cas9/CRISPR system in actual Bacillus subtilis cells, and give you the ability to design new Cas9/CRISPR systems to target the Bacillus subtilis genome in an easy and flexible way.